While You Were Sleeping

Sometimes video game news goes down. It happens. Sometimes it happens when we're all catching some Zzzs. That's where While You Were Sleeping comes in, catching you all up on the news that went down... while you were sleeping. (Yeah, I know, awesome name.)

Actually the weekend had little in the way of actual 'breaking news' and what not, but it did have an abundance of 'interesting stuff'. Your mileage may vary. This piece about how the Wii U could make RPGs better, for example. This is interesting to me — but for you? Well, you may simply not give two hoots.

And continuing along the Wii U tangent, apparently if you put your Wii U gamepad in a blender, Nintendo will send you a replacement. Cool.

Turns out Cliff Bleszinski was a drama geek in high school. Who woulda thunk it. (Yes, like I said, not exactly a weekend for important breaking news.) Newly crowned king of the R & B crooners Frank Ocean is apparently a big Galaga fan, and this is a peek inside where they make Final Fantasy.

In Short Frank Ocean Leaves His Saturday Night Live Performance To Play Some Galaga If You Put Your Wii U Gamepad In A Blender, Yes, Nintendo Will Sell You A Replacement A Peek Inside Where They Make Final Fantasy Cliff Bleszinski Was A Drama Geek In High School And Other Fun Facts About The Gears Of War Creator Here's How The Wii U Could Make RPGs Better


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