While You Were Sleeping

Still super sick, still trucking. How was your weekend? Today's While You Were Sleeping is more like 'While You Were Weekending'! Still this is the news you might have missed.

Halo 4 — this year it's a real curiousity for me. Will another studio be able to do the series justice? Is it going in the right direction? For the first time in a while I feel like I'm not sure what to expect. This article claims the game is a big leap forward for the series. I certainly hope so.

In the US there's apparently a bit of an Xbox LIVE 'outage' (that word... ugh, what does it even mean?) Is anyone here having any issues? Seems to be working for me.

I liked this piece by our own Logan Booker, about the pressure of being on Steam Greenlight. Oh, and there seems to be a lot of cosplay on the site! Offset by this piece about Dishonored.

In Short Dishonored Protip: Don't Do What You're Told Until You're Told To Do Something Strange Xbox LIVE Outage In The US, Now In Its Second Day Here Are Some Of The World's Best Cosplayers Live And In Person Being On Steam Greenlight Is Exciting, Frightening And Most Of All Confronting Halo 4 Looks Like A Big Leap Forward For Master Chief


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