While You Were Sleeping

Borderlands 2 easter eggs, Foxconn drama, crazy Counter-Strike skills and Mists of Pandaria content made up the bulk of last night's news. Let's put them all in a corner and find out what the hell happened while you were sleeping.

The ridiculous amount of easter eggs in Borderlands 2 is blowing minds everywhere. We've rounded up all the ones we could find, so they're not really hidden so much now as they are just extra cool shit to do in the game. If you want to hunt for them yourself, please don't read it.

Crowd psychology says something about the security afforded by anonymity in large groups hypnotising people into doing irrational things. It is any wonder then that 2000 overworked Foxconn employees became collectively enraged when one of their own was beat up by a security guard?

The latest expansion to the never-say-die World of Warcraft franchise, Mists of Pandaria is out today. Blizzard has released a seven-minute trailer with all the promised kung-fu panda action and then some.

Finally, Demons' Score is doing the iTunes thing and ripping us off. And have you seen this guy playing Counter-Strike?

In short: Here Are Some Of The Many Hidden Secrets In Borderlands 2 The Factory That Makes The iPhone 5 Is Under Attack By Its Own Workers All The New Things Mists Of Pandaria Is Adding To World Of Warcraft In One Trailer The Japanese Version Of Demons’ Score Is A Much Better Deal The Most Amazing Counter-Strike Kills I’ve Ever Seen

Image: K.W. Sanders/Flickr


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