While You Were Sleeping

Alright, I'm back after a one day absence! Still feel like mince, but let's get this party started! This is all the news that came in while you were sleeping. BRACE YOURSELVES!

Actually, funnily enough, I couldn't sleep last night and one of the stories I read whilst trying to fall asleep was this one — apparently Google has been monitoring the games you search for and the likelihood that you will buy the game you are searching for. Very interesting indeed.

And this is an interesting question — has New Super Mario Bros. 2, with its stupid amount of coins, actually devalued the coin itself? Hmmm... inflation.

Looks like the folks behind Duke Nukem Forever want your money for a new game, this Final Fantasy Skyrim mod is pretty incredible, and I think this will be the last of the TGS cosplay posts, but I can't be sure!

In Short The Folks Behind Duke Nukem Forever Want Your Money For A New Game Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning Reborn In A Skyrim Mod Google Has Been Watching What You Search For, Gamers From Chun Li To Assassin's Creed: The Fancy Outfits We Unfortunately Missed Has Inflation De-Valued The Mario Coin


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