While You Were Sleeping

Hey — long weekend! Yes. But before then we have one more working day, and one more edition of While You Were Sleeping. What happened over night in the world of video games? Click on to find out!

Well, you're most likely aware of this already but — just in case you aren't — PAX Australia is headed to Melbourne in July. We broke the news just after 5pm last night. Would love to hear your thoughts. Despite being from Sydney, I think it's a decent choice. Can't believe they passed up on PAX Dubbo though... what were they thinking.

Everyone seems to enjoy laughing at Zynga I suppose. If you're one of those people, you might find this story amusing: Zynga just lost a hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans in a fake account purge. Jesus.

This is the new game from the creators of that awesome Riddick game some years back, this is a guide to all the weird-arse creatures from Resident Evil 6. And, finally, this is how you can earn 30,000 coins in two minutes in New Super Mario Bros 2. Man, that sounds like a really terrible spam email I just got. Does the solution involve a Nigerian Prince?

In Short PAX Australia Is Heading To Melbourne The Next Game From The Makers Of The Chronicles Of Riddick Looks Like A Beautiful Fairy Tail Zynga Games Lose A Couple Hundred Thousand Fans In The Facebook Fake Account Purge Here's A Handy Field Guide To Some Of The Creatures Of Resident Evil 6 Here's How You Earn 30,000 Coins In Two Minutes In New Super Mario Bros. 2


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