While You Were Sleeping Dragon Age III Was Announced!

Wakey wakey folks — a fair bit of interesting stuff actually came in overnight. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping!

Well, I think we would have been crazy to not assume that EA and Bioware was working on some sort of Dragon Age sequel, but now it's been confirmed: Dragon Age III: Inquisition is a thing that exists. It's set for release in late 2013, and apparently uses Battlefield 3's engine. Swish.

And, as you are no doubt aware, Borderlands 2 is on its way. Here is the launch trailer. It's a very explosive little number.

Do you think your Wii U wil gather dust? I say maybe, but Reggie says no! Remember the spies who were also Arma developers? They left a message for their friends and family, and Hitman Absolution is going to somehow allow you to kill people with a plunger.

In Short Lots Of Things Go Boom In Borderlands 2's Launch Trailer Nintendo's President Doesn't Think Your Wii U Will Collect Dust Hitman Absolution Will Somehow Let Agent 47 Kill Dudes With A Plunger Dragon Age III: Inquisition Is Official, Will Use Battlefield 3's Graphics Tech Arrested Arma Developers Leave A Message For Friends And Family


    I hope they listen to feedback, but I doubt they'll make a niche game and make a streamlined riduculous game again.

    I am still yet to play a Dragon Age game but I think now if they're ever on sale on Steam I might check them out. I was turned off DA:O because the gameplay looked a bit rubbish but I feel I really need to jump on this bandwagon.

    Then again maybe I'll wait and see if DA3 reviews better than DA2 did.

    Meh dont care, after all the shit EA has been doing i don t know why anyone would care about Dragon age 3

    Or we could just throw our money at Obsidian and let them make an actual isometric fantasy RPG that doesn't involve button = awesome.

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