While You Were Sleeping Dragon Age III Was Announced!

Wakey wakey folks — a fair bit of interesting stuff actually came in overnight. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping!

Well, I think we would have been crazy to not assume that EA and Bioware was working on some sort of Dragon Age sequel, but now it’s been confirmed: Dragon Age III: Inquisition is a thing that exists. It’s set for release in late 2013, and apparently uses Battlefield 3’s engine. Swish.

And, as you are no doubt aware, Borderlands 2 is on its way. Here is the launch trailer. It’s a very explosive little number.

Do you think your Wii U wil gather dust? I say maybe, but Reggie says no! Remember the spies who were also Arma developers? They left a message for their friends and family, and Hitman Absolution is going to somehow allow you to kill people with a plunger.

In Short
Lots Of Things Go Boom In Borderlands 2’s Launch Trailer
Nintendo’s President Doesn’t Think Your Wii U Will Collect Dust
Hitman Absolution Will Somehow Let Agent 47 Kill Dudes With A Plunger
Dragon Age III: Inquisition Is Official, Will Use Battlefield 3’s Graphics Tech
Arrested Arma Developers Leave A Message For Friends And Family

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