Whoah, System Shock 2 And Thief 2 Just Got Surprise Patches

Surprise! Out of almost thin air, a pair of unofficial patches have been released for PC classics System Shock 2 and Thief 2 that not only allow the games to be safely played on modern hardware, but look great while they're doing it.

Their origins are a bit of a mystery; they turned up yesterday on French forum Ariane4ever, uploaded by "Le Corbeau". Their benefits, though, are tremendous. I've spent the morning wheeling through System Shock 2 and, while it's obviously a little spartan, the smooth, and more importantly stable 1920 × 1080 visuals are something to behold.

There are two files available for each game; patches for those who already own them, and demos for those who don't (and just want to see the improvements to visuals and performance).

Mises à jour Thief 2 v1.19 et System Shock 2 v2.4 [Ariane4ever, via Chris Remo]


    Well this is cool news. SS2 was awesome.

      Thankyou for choosing Valuewrap

        Welcome back to the Von Braun.

          Combining the best of Military, Consumer, and Scientific technologies.

      Can't wait for SS2 to get a remake or sequel and have people claim that it's ripping off Deadspace.

    Damn. They just shut down minitel!!! No multi-player ;-(

    Was talking about System Shock and Thief last night, what a coincedence

    <3 Love System Shock 1 + 2. And Thief 2.

      ...how can you claim to love SS1, but omit Thief TDP. You're either a liar or a crazy. My money's on both. :)

        I never played the first :( And by the time I wanted to, I either didnt have a PC to run it, or it just looked way too old :(

    Some screenshots would be nice, and not from the training simulator thanks.

    Recently there was an unofficial community patch for Total Annihilation which does a lot of similar improvements to make it play nice on modern hardware. It's good to see these classic games become playable for the kids who never got to play them.


    Best thing since the SS1 mouselook patch a couple of years back.

    You know what I said when I read this headline?

    "Don't fuck with me"

    True story! Loved System Shock 2. Bought it the first week it came out. Downloading the new patch now.

    And now I'll be daydreaming about creepy-bio-terror-chimps for the rest of my workday... Thank you

    Anyone play through the rpg game you can get for the PDA in ss2? That rocked all on its own

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