Why I Buy Weird Games

Why I Buy Weird Games

I really like weird games. Cubivore. Katamari Damacy. Guitarooman. As a gamer, some of my favourite experiences are the weirdest ones out there. When I go to the store or preorder games, I preferentially choose the weird ones; the runts of the litter, the ones that people don’t play that often.

In the video above, I discuss my love of weird games: Why I seek them out, why I buy them, why I play them, and ultimately why weird is ultimately a good thing.

If you’re a weirdo like me, sound off in the comments. What are some of your favourite unconventional games and why?


  • Have to admit I love some of the DS games because they are left of field, i.e. Shu Takami’s work on Ace Attorney. Aksys does some good games

  • guitarooman was awesome, i was very late to the katamari demacy game but love it non the less.
    And patapon for the PSP, and locoroco… love the odd and wierd ones, they seem to be more fun

  • Don’t know if it’s considered weird by other’s standards but i love the game Gregory Horror Show on PS2. A bit like a kid’s tripped out version of resident evil….sorta kinda..

  • What about the PSP “Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman, what did I do to deserve this?”
    That was a nice fun weird game. Same with Half-Minute Hero.

  • I played Katawa Shoujo, which was free, but I guess it counts. I also liked Don’t Take It Personally Babe, It Just Ain’t Your Story.

    I think it is just something about offbeat, out of the ordinary storylines that makes me get emotional about these games.

    • I can totally relate to the offbeat storylines comment.
      I have always liked offbeat/foreign films, and I find that this translates to games as well.
      Katawa Shoujo totally counts! It tells some stories that you otherwise just wouldn’t hear.
      I’ll have to check out Don’t Take It Personally…
      Thanks for the recommendation!

  • I remember picking up te game “Vib Ribbon” for my ol’ PS1 back in the day.
    I bought it for $15 brand new from the store as it just looked bizzare, one of the best buys I had in a real long time!

    It was hillarious, challanging and had style!

    <3 insane dancing crack bunny!

  • Totally with you. Atlus is generally a goldmine for weird games and all the more reason to love that company. I’m proud of my collection.

  • I definitely go for the weirder games over the popular ones. Feels more like a worthwhile purchase compared to something that is in high demand.

    Pangya Fantasy Golf, Project Rub, Contact, Flower Sun & Rain, and Eledees are some weird games that I own which haven’t been mentioned.

  • Before Steam made all those wacky indie games more accessible and available I used to love browsing old bargain bins in EB and GameTraders and the like – there were some real oddball treasures from time to time like Steamland (a bright and colourful combat-focused RTS where maps were rail networks and units were carriages and locomotives), Vangers (the best description I think would be something like GTA Oddworld) and The Sting! (a stylised and slightly steampunky heist-sim where you composited together the actions of your crew almost like multi-track video editing, and pressed ‘play’ once you were satisfied with the outcome)

  • I don’t think those are really weird, but more niche titles. Weird games would be like Yume Nikki, Glum Buster, Which, Llamatron or Eversion. The ones you can play and still have no idea what you just played. Niche games are more like Shadow of Memories, Catherine, Threat, Boppin, Magna Carta or Valkyria Chronicles. Basically, anything that appeals to a limited audience and you can be a hipster about.

    I just love finding little treasures and surprises that may be absolutely crap in all ways except one bright shining and inspiring way, or even be an absolute all round gem amidst the brown mire of shooters. Other times, it’s just because I absolutely love weird and offbeat things that aren’t afraid to push boundaries and give me something that doesn’t conform to the mainstream expectations. Also, who doesn’t love nightmare fuel?

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