Why Metal Gear Rising Features A Fancy New Raiden Outfit

If you've been paying attention to Raiden's bodysuits (I, apparently, have not), you might notice that Raiden has a different outfit in Metal Gear Rising.

In a Konami stage event, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima explained that within Konami, the developers refer to the three different versions of Raiden in different ways.

So, the Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2 is called "Old Raiden". The Raiden in MGS4 is called "White Raiden". And the latest Raiden? He is "Black Raiden".

Kojima pointed out that Raiden will be defeated by the character Samuel Rodrigues in Metal Gear Rising. Then, he will get a new body and be reborn as "Black Raiden". Noted!


    He didn't ask for this.

    He also doesn't look very black. Even metal gears black guys are white?

    Awesome spoiler...

      It's the first thing that happens in the game..not really a spoiler

    This game is gonna be insane, if you don't believe me go and have a smell...

    I'm gonna wait for Ground Zeroes. I might hire Rising out from the video shop.

      Me too... If Rising shows up in a 15 dollar bin I might give it a go, but I'm definitely holding out for the next Metal Gear.

    This isn't news, I've known this since May-June ish time.

    I was wondering how this was going t o be set after mgs4 when he was turned back into a proper human

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