Why Tanks Are Best In Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3's new armoured Kill expansion, out later this month, reminds me why I only play maps that have tanks in them, and why I only drive tanks when I'm on them.

I mean, um, sure, you could be that tiny little man running around an enormous map with your skin just sitting there all ready to get shot to pieces...or you could be the guy in the 25-ton tank driving around blowing shit up.

Armored Kill is out, well...if you've got a Battlefield premium subscription, it's out on September 4 for PS3 and September 11 for PC and 360. If you don't, it's out on September 18 and 25 respectively.


    25 tons? Maybe for an AFV, but for a real tank you're looking at 60...

    I haven't played on Tehran Highway for a while so forgive me if this is already true but hopefully with the night map flashlights and laser sights have a different effectiveness to daytime maps.

    Also hopefully the lights have a light trail or signature so that say if you are parachuting in or something you can spot people from their lights, in HC mode anyway since you just have to spam the spot key/button in SC mode.

    They should also add headlights and spot lights on vehicles for driver/main gun and gunner seats.

      The 'night maps' aren't really that dark. The flashlights and laser sights mainly just reveal your position and give the enemy an inviting target.

    FYI M1A1 tanks (used by US in BF3) are 65ton+ battle loaded

    Highly circumstantial.

    At times a tank can be a death trap, a large target for a whole variety of anti-tank weapons (infantry, ground & air).

      Its Luke. He doesn't know how to play game remember

    I actually prefer Infantry in BF3, contrary to earlier Battlefields.

    The vehicles feel clunky and restricted, tanks are slow and cumbersome, helicopters (albeit improved over Bad Company 2) are still flying bricks and jets...well I can write a substantial list of issues with those.

    They still add variety to the game and are good for getting from A to B but they really could do with some love. A common issue is their physics, they feel too heavy and influenced by momentum. As cool as that may be from a realism standpoint it makes them sluggish to play with.

      I mean, um, sure, you could be that tiny little man running around an enormous map with your skin just sitting there all ready to blow up that tank with c4 or javelin missile.

    It's a modern warfare game. In modern warfare infantry can kill tanks real good. That's just how it is.

    I'm sure tanks work nicer in Battlefield now it has the Frostbyte Engine, since tanks are for blowing up enemies in cover and stuff. Which can now happen.

    Just bring us a real BF1943 already please.

    There is an art to the momentum and positioning of the tank. If I get C4'd, it usually because, a) I've been a bit unlucky or, b) I've parked the tank somewhere I shouldn't have. Stopping anyplace I can't reverse/sprint the hell out of is a fatal error. Paying attention to my reactive armour, and rotating the body of the tank so I can take a few extra hits (all the while laying down round/canister/round) is important too. I (mostly) never get annoyed if an infantry squad manages to crack me open because I sure as hell make them work for it :)

    VERY excited for Armoured Kill!!

      I just unlocked reactive armour, the description doesnt really say much about what it does, is it like a free hit on each side or something?

      They've actually nerfed the round/canister/round.. you actually need to wait the full reload time now even when you've switched.. actually starting to think that the HMG might be a better option now.

    i think i saw something along a line of a marder and a amx
    but not sure....

    tanks pwn all

    Damn big download last night on 360. Assignments are live but no maps until the 11th. Grrr. Want it now.

    I see your tank, and raise you solfam's and the 13 engi's in my team with javelins, I'm quite annoyed at the moment though, because my game updated and now I can't play in multiplayer.. Awesome sauce

    'Why tanks are the best in battlefield 3' they got that one wrong. is should of been 'tanks are the best in battlefield 3'

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