Why The Wii U Will Probably Cost ¥25,000

We won't know the exact details of the Japanese Wii U launch until 4pm Tokyo time. That's soon, but to pass the time until then, let's speculate a little about the console's price.

While we could just guess wildly, plucking numbers out of thin air, let's instead look at that mightiest of historical tools: precedence.

Nintendo released the Super Famicom in its home territory in 1990. It cost ¥25,000.

When the Nintendo 64 was released in 1996, it retailed for ¥25,000.

In 2001, the GameCube launched for ¥25,000.

Nintendo's Wii was released in December 2006 for ¥25,000.

Two is a repeat. Three might be coincidence. Four home consoles in a row? That's a pattern, one which defies inflation and hardware to stick doggedly to that ¥25,000 sweet spot (a price even the 3DS shared at launch).

How much is that in US Dollars? $US321 by today's conversion rate, but don't invest too much in that figure. If the Wii U is indeed revealed to be ¥25,000, a more likely US price point would follow recent Yen-to-Dollar trends and see it sell for $US250 in the US.

But of course, this is all just speculation! Stick with us through the night as we bring you live news from Nintendo's briefing, followed by the morning announcement of Western launch information.


    So that would come to what, $400 here in Aus?

      He said it'd be $US250, which is more around the 550-600 mark in AUD.

        $US250 is roughly $AU250. It's not 1997!

        The AU dollar has been at parody, and actually higher than the greenback for the last year or so.

        We will still be ripped off and forced to pay $AU500 though I imagine.

          Parity, ahaha

            Yet the word parody, when thinking about unfair markup, seems so fitting...

        Does Nintendo do the Australia tax though?

          Yes - you can make a case they are one of the worst offenders. They also region lock.

      If it's $250 in America I can 100% guarantee it'll be $350 here. Just watch.

      To clarify, I wasn't making a USD to AUD conversion, I was estimating what we'd be charged based on the US price.

    Yeah, ridiculously overpriced, Dire Wolf.
    Considering US to AUD conversion rates are almost even.

    I'm not sure if $250USD is a good idea. Dangerously priced for Ninty.

    25gb disc, 2gb ram

      That's storage memory, not RAM. Basically you'll need an external HDD if they ever offer game downloads for GC or Wii games.

    I'm surprised I haven't heard this before. It seems perfectly logical that they would do that, then.

    However, do they want to go out and make a big splash? Would they say "we screwed up with the 3DS, and we're not going to do that again" and launch it at ¥20,000/US$199?

    Every Nintendo console i've bought in Oz was $400. Can't see it changing. $400 for base model, pad, console and Nintendoland. $500 for premium with pad, wiimote, nunchuk and same game.

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