Wii U Goes On Sale In Japan On December 8

Today, Nintendo revealed that its next generation home console will be out in Japan on December 8.

There will be two types of Wii U's on sale: a Basic Set and a Premium Set. They are priced at 26,250 and 31,500. The Basic Set has 8GB of Flash Memory, while the Premium Set has 32GB.


    Money Conversion: 26,250.00JPY = $323.295AU
    31,500.00 JPY = $387.918 AU

    So i doubt we'll see it for that price here... try double.

    I reckon between $500-600 here in Aus..

    Unless the price is much cheaper in other regions (quite possible), or the tech specs are much better than rumoured, its a complete rip off.

    More like $599 for basic model and $699 for premium

      that's exactly what im thinking.

      If this was 2006 I'd agree, but Nintendo would be aware that kind of price gouging isn't going to work here - if they're launching so close to Xmas - they need to come out with a price that makes you want to drop everything and buy it - my guess is $350.00 - $400.00

    I reckon $350-$400!

    Okay...I know I'm dreaming.

    The premium set should come with one of those pro controllers too.

    Doubt it is over 400. Ninty needs to penetrate early and they know it

    I guess $400 for white, $500 for black in Australia

      ...there's not going to be a price difference on colour, it will be for premium or basic.

        He means the colour of the people buying it. We are a very racist country after all.

        That's just it though, the black one is premium, the white one is basic

        I read that white will be basic and black will be premium, could be wrong though.

    IMO if it's over $500 it's going to have a bad launch. I won't buy one for over $500.

    I'm sorry but many times they have said that a massive mistake they have made too many times have been launching too expensive. In my opinion the price wont be over $400 even if they lose money I would think they will do what PS3 does and hope people buy games.


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