Win This Incredible Atari Arcade Unit

The new Atari Arcade lets you get your retro gaming fix from within your browser, complete with HTML5 and multi-player capabilities that come to life with Internet Explorer 10. It also works great in Internet Explorer 9 on a Windows 7 PC, or any other modern browser. To celebrate, we're giving you the opportunity to win the Arcade Unit above, along with other cool gear from Atari and Microsoft! Think fast...entries close 10am AEST Friday morning!

Entering the comp is simple: sketch, photograph, digitally edit or otherwise create a visual work that is based on characters and imagery from any of the entire stable of Atari games. Please keep it tasteful.

Otherwise, all bets are off, go crazy!

The full prizes on offer are as follows:

• The winner receives the above Atari Arcade machine, valued at $2903. The unit houses a Windows PC (controlled via a trackball and left/right buttons) and the games are played through Internet Explorer at Atari Arcade. Dimensions: approx 182cm x 92cm. The winner also scores one Atari Arcade t-shirt.

• Nine runners up receive a t-shirt.

• Finally, we also have five Atari Arcade posters (91cm high x 60cm wide) to give away.

Entry form below. The most interesting, funny and original entries will win! Good luck everyone!

Entries close 10am AEST Friday 28th September 2012, with winners announced that afternoon.

Full terms and conditions here.

Kotaku Atari Arcade Competition

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

  • 5MB Max


    So it can be any atari made game? Or any game that appeared on the atari 2600?

    Why did they pixel blur the hands?

    I so want to get this NOOOOW!!! No one knows how much I love retro gaming!

      Dude! It was a secret that no one knew!!! You just told everyone!!!!

    That is cool but also kind of weirdly useless in a way?

    love how the cab is old school and not a modern take

    I have an idea but I can't draw to save my life. Oh man. I'm gonna try anyway.

    I'm gonna try. Key word try. My artistic skills are 100% no existent!

    So its a browser in a wooden box. Meh.

    Are multiple entries acceptable?

      No answer? Mmmhmk. I'll leave it at the one entry.

      One entry per person please. But to the people who uploaded the wrong file -- it's cool. I saw the entries. I'll chose the correct one!

    Am I allowed to enter twice? I can't find it in the T&Cs. Not being greedy (even though I reeeeeeeeeally want it) just can't decide which one to enter :)

    Well, after aching for an hour, then realising that Pitfall!, though the second best selling game on the Atari 2600 (or was it the 2800?), was technically an Activision Game and redoing it, it's in. Good luck, everyone!

      Oh, Mark, I should point out: mine did have I title while I was creating it, but I forgot to add it to the image description (it's not meant to be in the image, it's meant to be what it's called) : "Out of This World: A Trip About Reinvigorating Ideas" (see the clever acronym)

    Wow. We got some amazing entries, and they're still coming through!. Congrats and goodluck to everyone.

    Mark is gonna have a tough time judging on Friday.

    I can't sleep. So excited! I can't believe I never noticed competitions on here before :)

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