Winners! 15 Double Passes To See Expendables 2!

Alrighty then — last week we asked you guys to tell how you would react if you took The Expendables 2 back in time and showed it to your 12 year old self? We had some hundinger answers — most of which involved spontaneously going through puberty and/or beards. But here are the final winners!

GentlemanJ MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2012 AT 1:35 PM I’d probably call the Police and inform them that a creepy looking guy claiming to be me from the future wants to take me to a room and show me a ‘ really cool movie’.

Dude I would finish puberty in an instant. and sprout hair all over due to the massive amounts of testosterone that will be pumping from that movie. Then I will ask WTF happened to Stallone’s face. And then I would ask future self to buy me transformers as i was a huge fan back when I was 12.

crypted My 12 year old self loves pointless explosions and violence as much as my current self. So i’m guessing we’d spent the whole time hi-5′ing while watching it, making aggressive dog sounds at the tv and growing killer beards. Because nothing goes better with explosions; than beards.

N3RD1001101 If i time traveled back to my 12 yo self, screw the movie, I’d give him the plans to build a time machine, tell him to invest in Google & Apple, and finally, stop watching movies, and ease up on the popcorn: the only movie worth your time is still years away, but be glad you’ll get a free Double pass to go see it.

fortalyst My 12 year old self would probably stick it in the VCR and wonder why the heck it won’t rewind.

Strange My 12 year old self would have said “My Mum said I’m not allowed to watch this”.

kreoss If I saw this when I was 12, I might have actually gone through puberty on time.

Rafaello Araya I would ask them…. “where’s Mr T??

Justin Gingell My 12 year old self would react the same way to seeing ‘The Expendibles 2′ as it did to any other action movie: “can’t wait for the Mega Drive game!! I’ll go to my local Tandy store to buy it, and then drink Mellow Yellow”.

Jiff I would put my Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer tapes on loop for an entire week and clock Section Z on NES like 500 times.

Dave Id beg my parents to let me watch a M15+ movie.

Axeman WOW!!! The A-Team have got some new members.

matt8k I would look at all those big names and think – that’s such a fake – TOTALLY photoshopped!

SmurfyDog I’d be all like... “Really? That guy from Moonlighting is making films with Rambo and John Matrix from Commando? Who’s that other guy, and why isn’t Crocodile Dundee in it instead?”

Aaron Kaczmarczyk If I showed it to my 12 year old self I’d have the exact same reaction, crazy awe mixed with ecstatic anticipation for in my heart I am still that 12 year old boy who absolutely goes crazy for his hard as nails action movies!

The Expendables 2 is in cinemas now!


    fortalyst and Jiff are my favourites.

    Well done guys!

    Holy crap I won something, this is awesome Thanks.
    glad I put my real email addy in the field when I entered :)

    I winned something?! \o/

    The funny thing is...young me was so scared of my Mum that that is exactly what I would have said. :P

      Oh also, I liked Axeman's entry. That one made me giggle. :D

    Yeah I'm just as stunned as you are!!! o_0

    the last time i won something,i was coincidentally, 12 years old, won a cheapo 10 volume wildlife encyclopaedia, and the salesman that delivered it managed to upsell a $3,000 Encyclopaedia Brittanica set thats still in its original boxes 16 years later!

    so anyone know how this works out ? as I've never won anything here before :)

    In celebration, I'm actually going to listen to "To The Extreme" now, but I'm going to do it on Spotify as I'm a grown man.

      Congrats to everyone else too :)
      Strange gets the reward for Most Accurate Response. I was soo close to writing something very similar

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