Woman Uses Kinect To Send Email For The First Time Since Her Stroke Twelve Years Ago

Here's a heartwarming story: a man named Chad Ruble hacked a Kinect to allow his mum, a stroke victim, to send e-mail for the first time in 12 years. Watch and enjoy.

(via Make)


    Brought a smile to my face, (watching at work) can just see her excitment from her expression on her face.

    This is great, technology can do so much good. After my mum had a stroke her vision got pretty bad so it's hard for her to read, we had to hunt down large-print books. Not so easy, especially for books like the trashy romance novels she loves; they usually only get released in one or two prints and that's it. So I bought her a Kindle for Christmas last year, suddenly every book is available for her in a large font with the click of a few buttons on Amazon (which fortunately is simple enough that even my dad can do it).

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