WW2 Game Rejected Because It Had Japanese Flags In It

Naval combat strategy and simulation game Pacific Strike was supposed to be out on iPad already. It's not, though, because Apple has two problems with it.

Problem #1 is that there's a bug. OK. Understandable. But problem #2? The game had Japanese flags in it.

According to Apple's App Store guidelines, this is bad because:

"Enemies" within the context of a game cannot solely target a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity.

Putting aside the almost farcical application of applying this rule to a game about the Second World War, there are countless games already on the App Store making enemies of just about everyone.

You'd think, after all these years of people complaining about the arbitrary and sometimes nonsensical policing of the App Store that Apple would do something about it. Guess not!

App Store rejects WWII game over Japanese flags [Pocket Tactics]


    Is there a way to buy/download iPhone/iPad apps other than Apple's App Store?

      Only by jailbreaking.

    Because no game has ever featured a Nazi flag or anything...

      Not to mention that you can download Wolfenstein 3D from the App Store anyway.

      The Germans are white. Russians too. Killin' Nazis or commies is fine.

      How about someone makes an ipad game where you are a chinese worker at Foxconn who has to assemble ipads. If you fail to met your quota, you get whipped.

    Apples and Facebooks influence on the internet is scary. Pre approved walled gardens are the future of not just gaming, but the internet itself. And the worst part? Most people will love it because its easy.

    It's only OK to kill Nazis, everybody knows that.

    I didn't know Imperial Japan still existed.

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