Xbox Live Games Are Coming To Windows 8 This October

On October 26, your Windows PC will become an Xbox. Sort of.

The integration between Microsoft's game console and its newest PC operating system will be getting a whole lot tighter, as Windows 8 users will be getting access to select Xbox Live games like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds Space and BlazBlue Calamity Trigger

The titles will be available through a built-in Xbox Live app that comes with Windows 8. These games will run on laptops, tables or desktops running the software and will sport achievements, leaderboards and multiplayer.

Microsoft has been heralding Windows 8 as a mobile-friendly OS that's nearly device-agnostic. Our own Kate Cox notes that many of these games were available in the App Store of the Windows 8 build that she evaluated recently. Lots of these games seemed to be straight-up ports of mobile versions. At the very least, these games might be easy ways to buff your gamerscore.


    we don't need this. There is a reason we use our PC's for gaming, not our xbox's.

    And besides, we have things like steam, desura and origin (ick)

      That's the point. Kill the competition! Isolate Steam (or equivalent service) to the desktop environment, then kill the desktop 'app' down the line... divide and conquer.

        It will backfire on them, monumentally. Mark my words.

      I dunno, cross platform multiplayer between Xbox 360, Win 8 and Windows Phone 8 sounds pretty cool, as long as game devs implement it well.

        It has never been implemented well and never will be.

      You don't need this, a lot of people do want this, this isn't forced on you, you won't have to use it if you don't want to, it's just extra, in my opinion, cool functionality.

    If you want to play Xbox games, GET AN XBOX. Windows 8 is ruining the traditional PC

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Hell yeah bring on xbox live games to PC :)

    Just so you know, this doesn't mean you can play Xbox games or xbla games on your pc. It's just pc games that use Xbox live, like GFWL. They'll be on the appstore though, so you can get them on both tablets and normal computers.

      could they port halo 3 to the PC?

        They could have done that ages ago, but they didn't so they'd have better Xbox 360 sales. I'm hoping they do port it now though. Imagine that, iPad has Infinity Blade, Win8 has Halo. No competition.

    does that mean that games I have on my xbox already will pop up in the app, or am I buying them again?

      Microsoft hasn't said yet, but I think it's safe to assume the latter.

    Still not buying Win 8

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        Lambomann007 WE GET IT, YOU'RE A FANBOY.

        Now Shush.

          Shush is an awesome word. Emphatic enough to get your point across, gentle enough to not seem rude. :)

    What's your problem lambomann. Must everyone listen to you and buy windows 8 because you are a Microsoft fan boy?

      Well, I appear to be the only one who's made any intelligent comments on this article so far..

    XBLA is a solid service for what it is (as a consumer).

    I'd be genuinely excited if this meant that xbox only games (Forza franchise I'm staring at you) were coming along for the ride too.

    I doubt XBL is going to be a 'popular' choice amongst PC Gamers given the shirtfight that GFWL is.

    Sounds perfect. I really hope that the Pinball FX 2 title coming has the option for the additional titles, and an option to play the game with a viewpoint so I can make my own personal pinball machine use it.


    Just got all the achievements for Minesweeper at work.


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