Xenoblade Creators Are Making A Wii U Game

Game designer Tetsuya Takahashi and his team at Monolith Soft are working on a totally new title for the Wii U.

At Monolith, Takahashi designed Xenoblade Chronicles (above). Before founding that studio, he designed Xenogears and the Xenosaga games, while at Square Enix.

No word on what his current Wii U project is or when it will be released.


    After the magnificence of Xenoblade, this is my most anticipated title! Probably won't be out for a long time though!

    It's okay guys I went nuts when I found out about this 8 hours or so ago


    Whoo, this is good news. Xenoblade was the best JRPG I've played in years.

    Please god let it be xeno related

      I doubt it. But supposedly it's going to be very similar (massive epic story, fully explorable world, etc.) The concept art dictates it's got a more fantasy theme than Xenogears', Xenosaga's, and Xenoblade's science fiction themes.


      And yes, these are real. Yasuyuki Honne's signature can be found on the bottom right corner of each drawing.

      This sold me.

    AWESOME! I tried to play xenoblade but the graphics just got to me. I know, I'm a shallow gamer, but there so many spiny-edged legs, I stopped playing after...yeah.
    But it was an awesome game, with a huge interesting world to explore, so hopefully the new one they make will be just as good, but with good graphics.

    The soundtrack for XC is one of the best I ever (IMO).

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