You Can Now Buy Angry Birds On The Sega Genesis

Earlier this year, a coder "ported" mobile game Angry Birds to the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, running the game via emulation on a PC. Which was cool, but nowhere near as cool as this eBay Auction for a Genesis cartridge supposedly containing the game.

Given the game, the system and the timing it would suggest to be a physical copy of the emulated game, with box art, a real cartridge and everything.

The description is a little vague, so be cautious as it could just be a scam, but then, it'd be weird to go to all the trouble of making fake box art and cartridges for a system that only a serious bidder would still own.

Then again, even if the cartridge was empty, it'd still be a good purchase on the cheap, since it looks so damn good.

Angry Birds Sega Mega Drive [GameSniped]


    That cartridge looks awful :p

      So is this article

    I half expected penny arcade to do this with their last episode, and prize it off with one of those console remakes.

    Luke... What did you do to end up in such a rut?

    umm, lemmings re textured?

    I want primal rage

    It's probably the rom loaded onto an Mega Everdrive type cartridge - lets you play roms you load onto an SD card that is slotted into a megadrive cartridge - similar to the DS R4 cards.

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