You Can Now Watch The Entire Metal Gear Introspective PAX Panel Here

Over the weekend the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes trailer was released and, yes, you have my express permission to 'get hype'. I abandoned any false hope of remaining objective about five minutes into the trailer. When Snake slickly transitioned between crouch and crawl, I got excited. When he jumped into a vehicle and started driving? I may have squealed — just a little bit. But now, thanks to Gamespot, you can watch the entire PAX panel — which includes the trailer. This is a 54 minute long 'introspective' on all things Metal Gear.

You best believe, when I get a second (or an hour), I'll be watching this thing start to finish. There are very few series in gaming that command the kind of respect Metal Gear does — and even less stand up to any kind of analysis and discussion. This looks like an unmissable panel for those interested in the series.


Thanks Gamespot


    That's what I was hoping for with the other video they put up :D Looks *so* good :D Cannot wait for this :D

    Damn it, gonna need to upgrade the frakkin CPU and graphics card now...

    I wonder if they will get Richard Doyle to do Big Boss's voice in this Metal Gear game... That would be so cool.

      That would be pretty sweet. He's definitely starting to look more like Big Boss than Naked Snake now.

        Big Boss and naked snake are the same person, and yeah I'm pretty sure thats the legendary Big boss

          Yeah I realise that... I'm just saying he is looking more like he did at the end of MGS4 than he did in MGS3.

    You realise this is being played on a PS4?

      You realise this was run on PC and that they seem to believe they can have this run on a PS3.

    I haven't played Peace Walker yet. Do we know who the burns victim is? Psycho Mantis?

      I'm hoping it's Decoy Octopus, since we don't know anything about him, except for when and how he dies.

    Big Boss looks way too old in this video. Not only that, but if the boy in the cage is believed to be Chico from Peacewalker, than he definitely did not age very well the last couple of years.

    Hideo's voice reminds me of Beat Takeshi.


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