You Can Play Black Mesa Right Now

The mega-ambitious, long-in-development Half-Life remake/tribute Black Mesa is finished, and you can downlaod it from Gamefront right now and give it a whirl.

You'll have to follow the instructions on the Gamefront page, as Black Mesa requires that you install the 2007 Source software development kit.

In the video above, you can see a comparison between the original Half-Life and the remake. Lookin' pretty good, Black Mesa. Let's see how you play.

Black Mesa is Live, Download it Here! [Gamefront]



      If this is as good as the trailer looks its going to be fantastic. After all these years!!!!

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I tried to get it as soon as the countdown ended. Suffice to say, so did everyone else. We managed to take out not only their website, but GameFront, CDN, and the other mirrors too.

    it requires steam, so it can go die in a hole.

      It's a Source game mod based on a Valve game. You need Steam to have access to the base files.

        it requires steam? my god, captain obvious stand back!

      Some of the best PC gaming of the past 10 years required steam also, you missed out.

      Well i'm sure the Black Mesa dev team are sorry that it requires source which you need Steam for to run.. Get over yourself.

      That short, hyperbolic statement.
      That name, bereft of capitalisation.
      Tell me, could you be a troll?

        Of course. I really do like Steam, I'm just so inadequate about myself I have to go onto the internet and make unfounded negative statements about everything to quantify my life... :(

        I'll try it. Because Steam actually IS a good platform.


          And avatar stealing the basic form of the valve fanboy.

          Theres no differance between a Valve fan boy and an apple fanboy.

          We all know the only thing steam did was legitimize piracy, and the only thing apple did was make it cool to be ignorant.

          Have fun.

    We were trying for the first 5 minutes after the release (Me and three mates) and all the official sites were down as well as Gamefront, CDN and the sites hosting the torrents. We had to quickly lurk the thread on the greenlight page for alternate links (Went through easily two dozen fake links before coming across the real deal on shacknews) as it was updating at like >200 comments a minute.

    We eventually had a stable connection to the shack news download @650Kbps , one of my mates said he found a working torrent on a Russian site only a few minutes after it released but he hoped off Skype before he a chance say whether it was legit or not (or a horrendous virus). A very exciting release all things considered.

      I eventually found a torrent file through the BlackMesa Facebook page. There was no chance of getting it through the official site.

        You would think though they would have been able to predict the extreme publicity this was going to get within the online community and have a setup that would cope better with the demand. But nether the less I still cannot wait to get home from work and play it.

        I totally forgot about the Facebook page haha didn't even think to look there :P

          resources are likely an issue for an indie mod like this, cant expect too much.

    Just been playing this, and my god it's awesome!
    They have done such a spectacular job with it.
    Totally professional, on par with Valve's work!

    Well had a go and enjoyed it, but now I can;t play the gam because there is no launcher

    10 minutes in and this is incredible. These guys 'get' the Half-life universe, lots of little inside jokes hidden within the dialogue and game.

    Do you need Half Life: Source to play it or Half Life 2?

      If you own any(?) Source game you can play it, just need to download the Source SDK 2007, if you go to 'All Games' then 'Tools' in your Steam library, you should see it listed.

    grey haired scientist lost his moustache
    that beautiful beatiful moustache

    just take note. the Source SDK 2007 is over 4gig. bigger than the mod itself.

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