You Must See Morrowind Modded Into Skyrim

You must see these screenshots and videos from Skywind, the ambitious fan-driven project to mod all of Morrowind in the world of Skyrim. The project is already pretty stunning, but they have a ways to go. The modders are posting about their plans and goals on the forums of Morroblivion, a site designed to re-create Morrowind in Oblivion.

(And in case you want more Elder Scrolls recreations, it looks like they're making Oblivion in Skyrim too: You can see the Imperial City from Oblivion in one of the videos below.)

Skywind Development [Morroblivion via PC Gamer]



    It's magnificent.

    Morrowind is still my favourite game of all time, and a graphical update would be welcomed with open arms. This looks incredible.

      Have you tried the Sound & Graphics Overhaul? It was released this year sometime and it looks pretty excellent.

    Now all we need is some brave soul to mod Cyrodiil, Hammerfell, Black Marsh, Elsweyr, Valenwood, High Rock and the Sommerset Isles in as well and then tie it all into one big game just overflowing with dungeons and loot and I'd nerdgasm!
    .... too late.

    .... oh and, FIRST! 8D

    Perhaps in the future, for the PS5, we'll see a classic games release of the "Elder Scrolls: Complete Collection" with a completely remade Tamriel packed into it haha.

    imagine this packed onto one disk, an entire continent.

    Morrowind ate a lot of my childhood, I was around 10 or 11 when my brother brought it home. It struggled to run on our computer of the time. The fog was pretty dense and the view distance sucked but I loved every second of it. I wish they would remake it with prettiness and magic and amazement. Oh how I wish!

    Jesus christ....... this amazes me more than Skyrim ever did...


    Definitely would pay for remake of Morrowind!


    To paraphrase Firefly:

    "What make people do this kind of modding?"

    "Well, you're a saving internet person, so you already know the answer to that"

    "Yeah, but i like it when you type it..."

    "Love... love keeps the project alive when it's floundering, lets you know it's off track before it strays and keeps it going when all thought or reason says that it should have stopped working"

      lol, meant Savvy not Saving - Savvy damn it, SAVVVYYYYY

    WITH annoying Cliff Racer Battles!! or else GTFO! XD

    Would be funny if they announced some dlc that will add all this area and a full story just after this mod is done.

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