You'll Get Final Fantasy Versus XIII, When It's Good And Ready

Square Enix is being tight lipped about Final Fantasy Versus. And from the sound of it, that game could still be a while off.

According to Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada, who recently spoke at a Final Fantasy anniversary event in Tokyo, said that Square Enix was "diligently making Final Fantasy Versus XIII", but added, "When it gets to the stage that it makes one think, 'This is Final Fantasy,' we'd like to show it to everyone."

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was first revealed back in 2006.

Wada's comments are interesting, noting that the goal is make one feel like Versus is Final Fantasy. The comments are interesting because the concept behind Versus always seemed to be to make a game that was different from your typical Final Fantasy game.

『FF』25周年の歴史を体感! FF展オープニングセレモニー&先行展示体験リポート【FF展リポート



    This game better be the best game I have ever played I swear to God Squeenix.

      That still doesn't tell us anything always when the good info we need and when can i get my hand on it!! come on Squeenix

    Mean While . . .

    SE have just announced another FF game and Kotaku AU isn't even covering it. To shame.

    The game does look like it could be alright though.

      ^ this

        I remember hearing about a "Lightning" announcement but it says something when I have to find out about it from a comment in an article.

        Turns out it was posted on Kotaku US around 7 hours ago so it just hasn't been moved over. We usually get stuff less frequently on weekends anyway. Oh well thanks for letting us know B :)!

          Apparently for Australians the even is still running and more news is to come . . .

    I'm expecting that a lot fo the ideas for 'versus 13' will be used/ prototyped in Lightning Returns especially the greater movement in battle etc. However I expect thata what we now know as versus 13 will eventually be released as FFXV, be for next gen using the recently demoed engine, and be a refinment of some fo the systems seen in LR:FF13.

      Yep agreed! I think you're on the money

    Even if the game does come out (which seems to be a pretty big if these days) it'll most likely tank. Squenix doesn't really have a good track record as of late, and nothing can live up to 6+ years of hype.

      It will come out. SE seem quite insistent on this. With recent Tweets and messages saying thing like "Please wait for his turn to appear".

      After all these years though I think they have to hold off a little longer only so they can be sure fans won't be disappointed.

    they always have a another way of saying wait a bit longer will come only to find out that nothing to do with the game and just have to wait bcoz bhahahah...

    I am so freaking excited about this game final fantasy is the best.. i thought cloud was the coolest. Now a re amped Cloud hurry up

    I just beat FF XIII 2 and I'm very angry right now, how could you do that to me? Don't you have a heart?

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