YouTube Trolls Turn This Into One Of The Game Trailers Of The Year

Indie outfit Big Men Games are currently working on a strategy RPG game called GUTS, which would otherwise be unremarkable if not for the fact one of the three men in the team — Chris Haga — used to work for Blizzard. On Diablo III.

Once word of this got out trailers for GUTS, which looks nothing like Diablo III, clogged up with trolls and arseholes bashing Haga, Blizzard and Diablo, not to mention saying some unkind things about GUTS itself.

Rather than ignore YouTube commenters like the rest of the planet does though, Big Men decided to incorporate their quotes into the game's marketing. To wonderful effect.

GUTS [Big Men Games, via VG247]


    Funny trailer, but the game looks a bit... stinky....

    I like Roguelikes, even though they're crazy hard to get into, but this looks like it all takes place in a single arena, and that coin collecting mechanic..? Maybe the game is actually a lot of fun to play, but I'm not sold on it.

    Penny Arcade did this a few years ago too, always good to see people give no fucks and take this kind of crap in stride.

    I feel they may of made a but of a gaff. I cant help but agree with the comments about the game. It looks flat and badly designed.

    Now this is how you handle trolls! Well done :)

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