Zynga Loses Another Two Executives

The exodus, for Zynga, continues. In addition to COO John Schappert and others, Allan Leinwant, Zynga's CTO of Infastructure and Jeff Karp — its chief marketing and revenue officer — have now left Zynga, following a difficult second quarter that has seen the company's stock plummet.

Many, not all of the above employees left Zynga following those poor second quarter results, reports Gamasutra. At the moment Zynga's stock is sitting $2.80, slightly above its all time low of 2.66, but miles below it's all time high of $15.91.

With Farmville 2 releasing this week, you'd perhaps expect to see the market respond positively, but it appears as though Zynga's stock is in a tough spot. Just last month Bloomberg reported that options were being handed out to employees in an attempt to stop them from leaving the company.

Zynga loses two more as executive exodus continues [Gamasutra]


    Rats, sinking ship.

    I am surprised I haven't seen anyone throw some kind of "Ba-Zynga!" into any article titles yet.

    Just goes to show that even when turning 19% increase in profits, it's not good enough for the people behind the numbers: the investors. This is another reminder that even though we see the face of games in the developers and publishers, the real puppet masters are the investors that are never named.

      This is demonstrably untrue. Mark Pincus owns more than 50 percent of Zynga stock (and thus has a controlling interest in the company) .

      There is so much wrong with this statement I don't know where to start...

    Has laughing at Zynga's misfortune become passe yet?

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