16 Years Later, Super Mario 64 Gets Co-op

Just when you thought one of the world's greatest ever video games couldn't get more perfect, along comes modder Skelux to pile more icing on top of the cake.

Super Mario 64, for 16 years a singleplayer adventure (well, DS version excepted), has been modified to include a co-op mode. You can see it in action above. It looks like a blast.

What's really cool about it is that the two can interact, adding in effect new co-op moves to Mario's arsenal.

If you want to try it out, though, you should know that you'll need to play it on a PC via an emulator, which for some people crosses a line they don't enjoy crossing.

You can get both the co-op mode, and a Mario 64 "expansion pack", at the link below.

Super Mario Star Road [Site]


    Why is P2 not Luigi?

      Cuz there was prob no Luigi characters in all the data files, changing the colour is prob the simplest method (my idea that is)

        Extrapolate height, turn green. It's easy to make a luigi sprite. Maybe making the sprite taller messes with combat? In which case a short Luigi would work, but look awful. Hence that guy. ^

          I would imagine that it would mess with physics collision as well. As the Luigi model would be taller than the Mario model, any collisions would need to take into account the additional height, otherwise certain objects (like ceilings) would appear to collide partially inside Luigi's head. If there were small gaps that were Mario-size, Luigi would not fit through them. Also, technically Luigi is a little bit thinner than Mario, so you would need to take this into account.

          It'd be much easier to duplicate any code related to Mario and code in some fringe cases to deal with players colliding with each other than it would be to do that on top of tweaking physics collision to work differently depending on which character you were playing as. It certainly wouldn't be impossible by any stretch of the imagination though, and I'd personally love to see it done.

        That's what Luigi was originally anyway, just a colour change.

    they seriously need to make a game like this for the Wii U (Super Mario U), no excuses now Nintendo you have 2 screens so use them - coop as many games as possible i say.

      Indeed, sir! Co-op for all! If Nintendo want to increase their female demographic, then co-op will turn a video game hating girlfriend into a new Nintendo nerd. Seen it happen many times.

    Looks cool but I can't figure out how damage is handled. Also what happens if you split up?

      Yeah... There is only so many different angles and levels of zoom that will allow both to be on screen. I don't see how this can work. They can't exactly put up a barrier either as if someone jumps off screen or down a slide they can't drag the other person with them. Must be something dodgy.

    16 years.... jesus....that long?????

      I'm only 18 and I still remember this as being cutting edge when I started gaming. It doesn't feel like that long ago... I think I'm almost up to the stage where I start feeling old. =/ A couple more years left hopefully.

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