30 Years On, Arcade Classic Zaxxon Continues

30 years ago Sega's isometric space shooter Zaxxon took arcades by storm, confusing early gamers with its at-the-time freaky isometric perspective. Players were tasked with destroying the evil robot Zaxxon deep within its asteroid base. How did we get out? That's where Zaxxon Escape for iOS and Android comes in.

Developed by Free Range Games, Zaxxon Escape is an exciting new take on the endless runner, one of the most popular genres in mobile gaming. Instead of running we're flying a ship, and instead of ducking and jumping we're rotating our devices to fit through gaps and avoid obstacles. Tapping the screen fires at enemies and obstacles, swiping the screen at junction points flies us down branching paths. All the while the galaxies most persistent explosion is nipping at your heels.

I've only played the game for about 10 minutes, but it's been an incredibly entertaining 10 minutes. As tenuous as Zaxxon Escape's connection to the original arcade game may be, it's good enough so far that I don't mind it borrowing the name for a bit.

Got $0.99? Find out for yourself.

Zaxxon Escape — $0.99 [iTunes]

Zaxxon Escape — $0.99 [Google Play]


    Actually looks quite good like it was made for the tablet/smart phone and not shoe horned onto it with buttons all over the screen.

    Space to tilt and maneuver is the big question.

    I think I would prefer the 30 year old one, portable gameing is just full of fail.

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