4 Minutes Of Resident Evil 6's Most Ridiculous Moments

We reviewed Resident Evil 6. We showed you what we think is the coolest mode in the game. We compared its use of an in-game playground to Gears of War 3's.

We showed you how to microwave a monster's hand. We offered some actually useful tips. We're just about done with our launch day (+1) coverage of the good and bad of this game. So let's wrap it up with a look at the ridiculous. We've got four minutes of Resident Evil 6's most absurd moments in one video that is full of spoilers and full of things that might make you debate whether you're really looking at footage of a Resident Evil game or not.


    That... kinda ruins any sort of 'fear' you'd have in a survival horror game lol.

    I had to return the game after playing Leon's campaign...it was just way too...stupid.

    You run over a giant fat zombie with a bus all fine, then the next scene has you drive over a normal zombie....which makes you lose control and crash.....

      How do you return it? Isn't there no refund policy in place with games?

        Depends where you buy it. Eb games has a 7 day return policy.

    I still think I'll get it when the price drops by about 50%.


    Attack of the killer ham

    This went from Micheal Bay dumb straight into Uwe Boll dumb. Jesus.

    I tell you what, it's a pity this is getting such bad reviews, because when you see just snippets of the game like this, it looks kinda cool as shit.

    Meh, no more ridiculous than the average Hollywood action flick. Still an entertaining game.


    This game is sooooo not what Resident Evil is meant to be.... This is why I hate RE4 cause even then when it came out I could see where the franchise was heading.... Its just like the Live Action Movies over the top shit.

    I will never by another Resident Evil

    Geez I dunno...maybe it's because you were driving a bus at 80kmph, on a slippery rainy road and doing a 45 degree turn?

      @Purple Dusk.

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