45 Classic SEGA Games For Only $10

This may be one of the most incredible deals I've ever seen. 45 classic SEGA games — including multiple Sonic the Hedgehogs, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage 2, Virtua Fighter 2, Ecco the Dolphin and, well, everything basically. All for just $10. Man, this is outrageous.

ALl games are completely DRM free and feature generic gamepad support on PC. This is a pretty ridiculous deal for anyone who has any love for old SEGA games whatsoever. It has Streets of Rage 2 people. Streets... of... Rage... 2.

Head to DotEmu to pick up this deal. Oh sweet jeebus — Gunstar Heroes is on there as well!

Thanks VG247


    Steam had something similiar during the summer sales, $30 for 85 sega classics

    I've always been a Nintendo guy but there mere fact that it's DRM free makes this pretty tempting.

    I know it's an EA game... but Road Rash 2 would have sealed the deal for me!

    Golden Axe and Altered Beast! BAM!

      Altered Beast came with my Megadrive way back when... worst game on the system!

        Subjective opinion is subjective

    Done and Done. Awesome.

    I'm still amazed that these sorts of "collections" can't offer as many features as emulators can

    Its a shame its not a GoG or Steam key kind of thing, I hate having to manage games from other locations, like to keep my digital library organised if I can :(

    It would be pretty awesome to play Ecco again. It has been too long.

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