A Creepy 'Inside' Look At Your Favourite Pokemon

I always thought if you cut a Pokemon in half, it'd look much like if you'd sliced into a marshmallow. A bit soft, but mostly inoffensive and of the same colour and consistency as the outside. Of course, if Pokemon were real, that would not be the case. At all... as these images show.

The art is the work of Ryan Mauskopf, or "RYE-BREAD" as he's known on DeviantArt. Apparently a rendition of Pikachu is on the cards, which I'm sure will be electrifying.


If you're a fan, you can get the artworks in T-shirt form... though don't be surprised if you start making little kids cry in your wake.

RYE-BREAD [DeviantArt]

Images: Ryan Mauskopf


    I'm just gonna say that is a horrible, horrible analogy and the whole article is awesome because of it.

    I dont think thats where bulbasaur's vines are

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