A Gun-Shaped Controller For All Those Wealthy And Insane Gamers

A Gun-Shaped Controller For All Those Wealthy And Insane Gamers

There are controllers, there are controllers, and then there’s a very special place in the world — alongside inflatable raft — for peripherals like the Delta Six.

Shooting (SORRY) straight for the mildly crazy Call of Duty fan, it’s essentially replicating the actions of a standard video game controller, only in the most convoluted and theatrical way possible. A ton of sensors detect where you’re pointing the gun at or how high you’re holding it, and there’s even the ability to reload in the game by reloading the gun in real life.

Due out next year, it’s priced at $US89, and is actually brought to you by the same guys behind the Avenger controller clip-on. Cost to your reputation as a normal human being with friends and family TBA.

Over the Top Rifle Controller Makes Modern Warfare More Real Than Ever [Gizmodo]


  • I hope it comes with different scope options — more open sights; holographic, acog, ect. I think looking through a scope like that would whilst aiming in & out, in & out, would become quite taxing after a while. Other than that looks outrageously awesome. Do want!

    • Just what I was thinking. Unless they release a special model for Australia shores that significantly scales back the realism and changes the colour, we won’t be seeing it here.

  • Aren’t the appeal of 3rd party controllers supposed to be that they make the experience better? This would do nothing but get you killed over and over and over.

  • Cool looking controller, but to own one in Australia you would need to be an established member of a gun club, and be licensed for firearms, and then on top of that, due to its resemblance to an illegal type of weapon you might still not be legally allowed to own one. Yay Nanny State!

  • Looks like it functions similar to the SharpShooter for Playstation Move but more real looking. Any word on what sensors are inside?

    Would be cool to use for other consoles or PC.

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