A More "Human" Yoda Is Creepy. So, So Creepy.

Sculptor Andrea Eusebi is the target for your applause here with this stunning recreation - and reinterpretation - of Jedi Master Yoda.

Built almost entirely from modelling clay, there's a certain poignancy about the whole thing, because with a more human face he starts to look a lot like Mel Brooks. Who played the Yoda character in Spaceballs.

Yoda 2 [Andrea Eusebi, via Laughing Squid]


    Looks a little like Benjamin Button in the early parts of the movie. :P

    Ohhh, sleep I will not tonight.

    Don't give George ideas. He'll probably make Yoda look like this in the next Star Wars release and then claim the green skin was never supposed to be there.

      The green skin was just because of the limits in technology. didn't you know? :P

    Youthful, I look...Hmmm?

    i was watching a doco/behind the scenes and people thought the guy who came up with the puppet seemed to model it against himself so find a picture of him if you want the proper human version!

    Now that is just brilliant.

    If they did do an alternate universe SW (like steampunk or something) then this would be exactly the quality Yoda I would be happy to see.

    Pick someone like Del Toro to bring a totally different style of directing, a darker vibe and it would blow people's minds.

    Michael Douglas

    Good, greed is.

    Yoghurt!!! I hate Yoghurt!!!

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