A Pretty Map That's Making Me Want To Travel Back To Skyrim

Just when I thought I was done with Skyrim, it goes and pulls me back in. This time, though, it's no fault of the game, but this beautifully stylised map by Misty Manley.

It's like something out of a theme park. Or a fast food restaurant. Two things Skyrim could do with, really. People gotta unwind, you know? It can't all be questing and murders and dragons.

DOVAHKIIN! Map of Skyrim [Fake Anything, via Ian Brooks]


    I was done with Skyrim after 30 hours. Not sure how people I know clocked over 200+ hrs! :D

      I crave the days of Morrowind. The mods I've read about make me want to invest in a new PC for gaming. More trouble than a console. A new hobby!

        I reinstalled and have modded Morrowind with the 3.0 overhaul and am loving it. It was my first expo into the Elder Scrolls games and I dumped a huge number of hours into it first on Xbox then on PC. Neither of the more recent games compare. I was very disappointed with the removal of things like levitation and open cities. I hated that every even moderately large city was gated and loaded into in Oblivion and Skyrim. It also felt like there wasn't anywhere near as many cool little hidden things to find.

        At the moment I am lvl 2 in Morrowind and already have a pair of constant effect rings and an ebony longsword called Sword of White Woe. I am sure everyone who played Morrowind will know the 3 items well. Next stop is Boots of Blinding Speed and Cuirass of Saviors Hide + a constant effect levitate 1 amulet to completely break the game and make my Breton of flying death.

      I explored the map for a while but the gameplay had devolved into follow the quest marker. Journal system was pants.

      Also, I saved the world from Dragons by never returning a stone.

    as much as it pains me to say it i only played and loved skyrim cause it was elder scrolls i much prefered oblivion and morrowind. the mechanics were great but the story and environment was somewhat depressing and not as magical it felt

    Got 115-hours. Tempted to go back and drop another 50 :\

    is there a mod to improve the actual people in oblivion? i know there's one for the environment.

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