According To Twitter, The Wii U Is 'AWESOME', 'Overall Pretty Comfy'

US retailers have slowly been receiving Wii U demo kiosks to show off the upcoming Nintendo hardware to interested gamers. Though not every store seems to have gotten their kiosks yet, many have. And many gamers have gotten their hands on the Wii U's GamePad.

So what are they saying? What do they think of the shiny new technology?

The general consensus seems to be that Rayman Legends is awesome (though it also appears that's the only playable I have to concur. Here are some highlights from the past few days:

There are a few negative responses, though:

And some really wanted to see more than the single available game:

And some people are just having absolutely no luck finding one:

Top image from Paranerd


    I'm sure there are also plenty of those with negative opinions. Personally what'll sway me is the games and I shall definitely be holding off until some decent games are announced.

      Yeah, hopefully it won't succumb to 3ds-itis.
      I do love the 3ds, but I only have 2 titles for it; Zelda OoT 3ds and Mario kart 7.
      Was hoping for a Metroid Prime Hunters 3DS game...

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