Accused League Of Legends Cheat Fined $30,000

Accused League Of Legends Cheat Fined $30,000

Amidst the technical issues plaguing League of Legends’ World Playoffs, there also emerged accusations that some of the contestants had essentially “cheated”, by using the venue’s monitors (there to show the game to the large crowd) to check in on the activity of their rival players.

After an investigation by developers Riot Games, a number of contestants were found to have engaged in “unsportsmanlike conduct” and were issued strict warnings against future violations. This was mainly due to the fact that, while they were caught looking at the screens, they hadn’t actually gotten a competitive advantage from doing so.

One player in particular, though – Woong, from Azubu Frost – was after review found to have gained a clear advantage in his team’s quarter-final by looking at the big screens, and as a result has been fined $US30,000, which is his cut of AzF’s prizemoney for reaching the tournament’s semi-finals.

That’ll be of little consolation to TSM, the team he defeated, but since members of that team were found to have looked at the screens as well, they can’t complain too much.


  • Totally reasonable fine. But seriously, this shouldn’t have happened. Put up a fucking barricade in front of them. Not rocket science.

      • Absolutely. Im thinking he may have grounds to contest reasonable measures were not gone to to prevent this in any case.

        • Reasonable measures or not, cheating is cheating. And regardless, he has the free will to not look.

          • Perhaps, but if they are going to make a rule like that they also have the responsibility to ensure that it is enforced through reasonable means, and that reasonable precautions are undertaken to ensure that such actions are not taken.

            Add to that the fact that everyone at the tournament had the ability to act in the same capacity as him, potentially in a less obvious manner, and it really was a case of the fault lying with the tournament organisers. Don’t get me wrong, I’d call him a screencheating bastard too, but unless they are going to undertake reasonable measures to block screencheating like that, the only basis for this fine was that he got caught unlike others.

          • Exactly. It’s been done in tournaments before. If fines are imposed, competitors can argue their case on the grounds the organisers did not take all reasonable measures to ensure they could not see the screens. Simply placing them to the side or back is not enough. Simple dividers would have been best. Booths even better. Another term for it is ‘duty of care’. The competitor has a duty of care towards the organisers etc to ensure they play fair, but the organiser has a duty of care to ensure that anti cheating methods are enabled, from computer bound methods to simple things on stage. Im surprised the competitor hasn’t argued he simply had a sore neck and was stretching it. *shrug*

  • Yeah I thought this was sort of obvious, any *smart should be inserted here now* tournament organizers have sealed off play areas for this very reason =/.

  • Luke earlier there was shots of TSM looking at the screens – but these were pretty conclusively shown to be taken either before gameplay started or after gameplay finished. If you have any direct link to anyone from Riot saying TSM actually cheated please post it.

    IMO AZF should have had the win where the cheating occured cancelled and have to rematch TSM. The reason is it wasn’t just the one AZF player who benefitted from cheating – at the start of the game, he looked then pinged TSM’s exact position, so his whole team knew.

    • Wall of text warning:

      League of Legends Competition Ruling
      Tournament: World Playoffs, Quarterfinal #3, Game 1 Teams: Azubu Frost vs. TSM Date of Match: October 5 Date of Ruling: October 9 Subject: Unsportsmanlike Conduct
      The game was paused to deal with audio/microphone malfunctions with the AzF headsets. During the pause: TSM Chaox said that he had witnessed a member of AzF looking at the venue screens during the game. Referees didn’t independently corroborate these allegations. TSM Dyrus looked back and up at the venue screens.
      The match was then restarted as a result of AzF’s inability to fully communicate in-game (mic malfunction). Prior to the restart, referees directed both teams to look forward at all times during the match.
      After the restart, TSM left its base en masse, appearing to be invading top lane/brush. At 00:15 on the game clock, Woong of AzF looked back and up to his right at the venue screens.At 00:25 on the game clock, an AzF player pinged near the lane between TSM’s top inhibitor tower and the second top lane tower.
      AzF Shy (Jayce) and AzF MadLife (Blitzcrank) headed to top lane. AzF Shy (Jayce) approached the brush where TSM was headed to hide, switched to Cannon mode and fired his skillshot into the brush, landing a hit on TSM Dyrus (Darius), which gave away TSM Dyrus (Darius)’ position. AzF Shy (Jayce) then backed away.
      Once AzF had confirmed that Darius was top lane with Jayce’s skillshot: AzF sent two players deep into TSM’s red jungle to drop a sapling at wraith camp, which would ordinarily be a dangerous risk for only two players. AzF Woong (Miss Fortune) facechecked bottom lane’s tribrush, which would have been an extremely risky move had he not known that the lane was likely unoccupied by TSM. AzF Woong (Miss Fortune) did not even cast “Make it Rain” to reveal the brush, indicating a high level of confidence that the brush was uncontested.
      TSM Dyrus clearly turned his head to his left and looked back and upward at the venue screen, but there is no direct evidence that TSM Dyrus obtained any helpful information from this action. TSM obtained no direct meaningful benefits from TSM Dyrus’ action; the game was restarted afterward.
      TSM Chaox briefly turned his head toward the AzF team to monitor them. This violation had no potential or actual gameplay benefits for TSM.
      AzF Woong clearly turned his head to his right and looked back and upward at the venue screens. The potential gains from this action were not inconsequential. At 00:15 into the restarted game, AzF had no idea where TSM was located or which direction they were headed. AzF did not have Clairvoyance. By looking at the venue screens, AzF Woong stood to learn the location of all TSM champions.AzF Woong’s actions did yield tangible benefits for AzF. Once AzF learned that all five members of TSM were in the top lane area, this reduced TSM’s ability to control top lane and pressure AzF’s blue side. It also allowed AzF to more safely invade TSM’s red side.
      TSM Chaox did not look forward at all times during the game. This was not unsportsmanlike conduct.
      TSM Dyrus violated the rules by looking at the stage screens. This violation, however, did not yield any meaningful benefits for TSM.
      AzF Woong violated the rules by looking at the stage screens. His actions yielded benefits for AzF in the game. Other members of AzF modified their gameplay based upon the information.
      TSM Chaox: None.
      TSM Dyrus is hereby warned not to engage in any further rule violations. Further violations may result in additional penalties.
      AzF Woong committed a major infraction of the rules and the team is hereby collectively fined in the amount of 20% of the prize winnings earned by AzF as a result of advancing into the Semifinals ($150,000). AzF’s total fine for this violation is $30,000. Further violations may result in additional penalties.

      TL;DR: Chaox looked at AzF, Dyrus looked at the screen to see if he could see the mini-map, Woong looked at the mini-map and saw what TSM was doing.

  • “but since members of that team were found to have looked at the screens as well, they can’t complain too much.”
    Luke tries to act like he knows what he is talking about.

  • So, whilst both teams had clear view of this massive screen, because he looked it was a 30K fine… This is just ridiculous.

    • The thing is he didn’t just look, he noted the location of the enemy team and pinged their location on the mini map to give his team a clear advantage in early game. This is Extremely terrible as teams can rarely recover from that early game deficit. I think there should have been better preventative measures with making the Big Screen not visible by the playing teams.

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