After Twelve Days, WoW Player Hits Level 90 Without Killing Anything

Meet Irenic, a Tauren Druid. Irenic is a level 90, the new maximum a World of Warcraft character can reach. And Irenic did it without killing a single thing.

Sure, this sort of thing has been done before. But that was only to level 85. This is to level 90. That's five more levels of pacifism and what must surely be mind-numbing boredom.

They got there by "doing archaeology and gathering in Kalimdor". For twelve days.

Pacifist Level 90 - 0 kills - 0 ilev -1 quest [WoW, via PC Gamer]


    I wouldn't call it boredom, as its a challenge in itself. Some gamers like racing to 90 as fast as they can, others like to see if its possible without killing.

    Very well i challenge you to watch a tree grow from seedling to maturity!

    People do this sort of stuff all the time. If I email Kotaku next time someone I know does some thing like this will it be published?

    Meh, leveled an 85 pally by AFK'ing BG's while at work in 12 days, well wasnt really AFK was sitting there chatting to people in the BG but never attacked a single person.

    I leveled my alt rogue from 80-85 through mining only (only did the quests to get the portals). It was harder for MOP because i couldn't send a tome of flying once my main hit 90, so I had to level my rogue old-school this time round.

    Rogue is nice and easy, because you can sap anything guarding a node and fly off out of combat.

    I levelled a Druid to 80 in a minute without killing anything OR Indiana Jonesing old ruins. There's a scroll for that now, your point? :-)

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