All Of Azeroth Has Been Created Inside Of Minecraft

The conversion of nearly every video game landscape into Minecraft continues steadily. This week already saw the birth of a project to create Mass Effect's gargantuan Citadel within the game. Now comes word that, after eight months, a full representation of World of Warcraft's lands in Minecraft has released a beta.

"Crafting Azeroth" checks in at a svelte 24 gigabytes once it unpacks, though so be sure you really want that much Minecraft before downloading (2.14 GB) and installing the free mod. The modder Ramses says that much of the creation of the map is assisted by automation software that he developed.

Using the slider above you can see what one vista looks like in Warcraft and then again in Minecraft. For more information on "Crafting Azeroth," see this forum post and this imgur gallery. Reddit, where the beta was first announced, has the link to the mod's BitTorrent link.

World of Warcraft for Minecraft finally released (download link in comments!) [Reddit]


    That would be an immense amount of work. Even with the automation software.

    Impressive stuff.

    That's Insane. Stupid too. What an unproductive use of someones time.

      Lol you're going a bit far but I agree. That's just dumb.

      Actually if you read the Reddit post, after the automation it only took about 24 hours to render... not sure how long it took to code the automation.

      "What an unproductive use of someones time."

      Says the guy complaining in the Kotaku comment section.

      Is this like a thing these days? To comment on other people's creative pursuits as unproductive and a waste of time? There seems to be a lot of them lately. I could say the same about your comment too...

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