All PAX Australia 3-Day Passes Are Sold Out

Don't say we didn't warn you! Late last week we informed you that three day passes for PAX Australia were already 50% sold. Now they're 100% sold.

Individual day passes are still available at this point, as are BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) passes. At this stage, however, PAX Australia has yet to release any information on what will be going on during individual days. That said, it's PAX, and if you plan on wandering around the booths and just exploring, I'd imagine any single day pass would suffice.

If you're looking and waiting for something more specific, however, it might be worth waiting until more details are released.

Head here for all the info on tickets and pricing.


    Super glad I grabbed one yesterday

    I don't understand how it sold out so quickly to be honest. I mean i bought a 3 day pass thank the heaven but nobody knows who the exhibitionists are. That is a lot of money made from people on faith.

    I picked up a 3 day pass the day after they became available. So stoked and can not wait :D

    Was hoping to get 3 day passes but I can't make it on Friday due to work. Probably will grab a Saturday pass

    Is the GiantBomb crew coming down for this?

      i hope so haha

        Good to see some GB crew here, really hope they come down but with it so close to E3, seems unlikely.

    Still highly resent the practice of selling tickets to an event without listing the lineup, I'd never ever buy big day out tickets in that way, even seeing Tycho reassuring people it'll be a full fine and dandy show. And that's not even mentioning its a screw you to people who simply can't gauruntee free time that far in advance.

      Yeah, it's more than a little shady.

    Been and gone in between paydays. Just my luck.

    Too bad for those who get paid monthly, who cant ensure availability almost a year in advance, who want to know what they are paying for before paying for it.

      They're a business not a service to you. They've gotten their money and sold all their tickets so you are inconsequential to them.

        Confused as to how that makes it any less bad for the people he mentioned? Much of your family will die before you do, its still gonna suck for you. its abundantly clear they're a business and got their money.... soooo...

        Seeing as not ALL tickets are sold, I am not inconsequential, I am now potentially a disgruntled potential customer who will not even consider their single day tickets. Now I am not that petty to say that is the reason I won't attend, but there is plenty of people who will think like that

      I'm in the same boat with regards to being paid monthly. Fortunately, the individual day passes are still available, and it's not much more expensive to get 3 of them, so waiting for more details before purchasing is still a viable option

    Going to pick up a Saturday pass unless i can get my bosses to get the paperwork together for a media pass.

    I meant to buy them on Monday but I forgot. None but myself to blame. Well there's always Pyrean to blame.


      Where the heck is Pyrean anyway? We've not been suicide diving in LoL nearly as much.

    For all the disappointed out there, you can still buy a one day pass for each of the 3 days. It adds up to $135, which is only $20 more, so not a big loss.

    It's probably useful to point out that this is really the first gaming con on this scale for Australia. I'm excluding EB because from all reports it is underwhelming. I imagine the sales of the three day passes are what the PAX organisers will use to convince the big international developers to show up. It would be a lot easier to convince, say, Valve to spend the cash to turn up if they can say that seven months out they've sold 5000 tickets. It's a proof of concept.

    It does suck for those who missed out, though.

    Fkn geek sheep...

    I didn't even realsze that they were up for sale :(

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