All-Star Developers Working On New Survival Horror Game

Red Barrels are a new studio based in Montreal. You've likely never heard of them, but there is some serious talent there.

The team, comprised mostly of ex-Ubisoft and EA developers, have worked on the Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Prince of Persia, Thief, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Army of Two and Skate franchises. Just to name a few.

This is Outlast, their debut title. Billed as a survival horror game, it appears to be taking the term at face value. You're quite literally trying to survive horrors whatever way you can, in a first-person game set in an insane asylum where you're being hunted by inmates who are essentially zombies with brains.

Hopefully the entire game follows the tone of the trailer; while they're not technically zombies, it's a neat twist to be running away from the bad guys instead of fighting them.

Outlast is currently slated for the PC, and will be available sometime next year.


    Red... Barrels?
    Red Barrels...



    Running away from bad guys instead of fighting them? You mean like Amnesia, or Silent Hill Homecoming,

      *Homecoming, or any number of new horror games out there?
      It does look to be quite intense, but it'll need more than just a lack of combat to elevate it above the rest of the survival horror genre.
      (Sorry, on my phone, bumped submit.)

        Shattered Memories was the Silent Hill based around running away. The chase sequences were okay, but overall I freaking loved that game. I do completely agree with you said though, it'll be nice to have limited combat to make things more intense.

    There might be a bit of talent there, but it's not within this genre.

    Also, the game looks a lot like dementia/condemned/amnesia (i liked them all).

    I might boot up silent hill: shattered memories for another run through. It wasn't exactly horror, but it was a great psychological thriller with the "you have no weapons" thing going on. Terrific voice work too, and the facial animation edged out many a ps360 game.

    Screaming and cliche setting the game. Seriously I can't be the only one who thinks that the idea and trailer are both horrible

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