All You Need To Know About Nexus

It's not strictly a video games topic, but since Android is fast becoming just as important as iOS in the games/app space, we thought a quick round-up of all the details from Google with regards to Nexus products might be helpful!

Here’s What’s New In Android 4.2 Along with a slew of new Nexus devices, Google has just announced Android 4.2, a new flavour of Jellybean. While it doesn’t merit a new name of its own, it does add quite a few neat new features. Here’s a rundown. More >>

The Nexus 7 Is Now Just $249 In Australia Google just took the lid off a 32GB Nexus 7 tablet. It has also dropped the price of the 16GB model from $299 to $249 for Australian customers. The bigger 32GB version takes the $299 price tag, while the 8GB model has been pulled altogether. More >>

Nexus 10 Tablet: Everything You Need To Know It’s been a long time, but it’s finally here. Google’s big answer to the iPad — the tablet that created an entire market — is here. And it’s bringing a better-than-retina screen, curves and serious speed. More >>

Google’s Nexus 4: Is This The Android Of Our Dreams? Hurricane Sandy may have put a damper on Google’s big event today, but the long-rumoured (and leaked and found in a bar) Nexus 4 has finally, officially broken cover. As predicted, this thing looks like it might be the best Android phone yet. More >>

Leaked Nexus 4 Manual Reveals Wireless Charging While numerous leaks have hinted at what we could have expected from the new Nexus phone at today’s cancelled Google event, the latest, from a Nexus 4 manual floating around online, brings two magic words with it: inductive charging. More >>


    why is the play store page for the nexus 7 in japanese?

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