Arnold Schwarzenegger Was On The Cover Of Just About Every 1980s Game

Of all the people who loved Arnold Schwarzenegger during his 1980s prime, none loved him more than the artists responsible for the covers of video games.

They just could not stop paying indirect (or even blatantly direct) homage to the action superstar by having him inspire the poses, outfits and faces to games as famous as Contra and as infamous as mechanised Attack, in which he shared the cover with Highlander star Christopher Lambert.

HG101 has done a fantastic job of tracking all of these covers down, as part of a larger feature you should definitely check out called "Tracing the Influence - Stolen Images in Games", which tracks the inspiration behind all kinds of iconic retro gaming imagery.

Tracing the Influence - Stolen Images in Games [HG101, via Tiny Cartridge]


    The best 80s gaming ripoffs are the doctor who rpg modules from FASA. They re-used assets from the star trek rpg . So a Dr who npc would look like Spock or Kirk with a drawn on moustache because it actually was Spock or Kirk with a drawn on moustache!!!!

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