Assassin's Creed III Has A Trailer For Its New Trailer And My Head Just Exploded

Ubisoft has thrown so many Assassin's Creed III trailers into the marketing gene pool that they've somehow come together and managed to evolve into a completely different beast... the interactive trailer. Not only that, Ubi has put together a trailer for its interactive trailer. This shit is getting post-modern on us. These folks are taking it to the next level.

We can't actually directly provide you with an embed for the interactive trailer — you'll have to head to the official site for that. But we can embed the Inception-esque trailer for the trailer. Just enjoy that. Then go and get freaky with the interactive one.

Thanks VG247


    They did a trailer for a trailer already. Also dang it I'm stuck on my iPhone for the me grew hours so I can't view it.

    Iron Man 3 had a trailer for it's trailer. I'm sad that this appears to be a thing now.

    Man, that interactive trailer really put me off. I'll disclaim myself by saying that I've not seen a lot of other media about ACIII (purposefully, not for lack of trying, Kotaku :P), so this is mostly it...

    ...and it's less stealthy -AND- less acrobatic than previous games. I think I'll wait for it to come way, way down before I look into it. Or maybe just read the wiki article with the story...

    They should have a count down to an announcement of the trailer for the trailer.

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