Assassin’s Creed III’s Native American Hero Had A Very Hard Life

Assassin’s Creed III’s Native American Hero Had A Very Hard Life

This teaser for Assassin’s Creed III is different from the blitz of video we’ve been getting as the threequel nears release. In the clip, you see a bit of Connor’s life from before he became an Assassin. The scenes of him running through the forest look beautiful but get harshly contrasted when he comes home and find his village and loved ones burning to the ground.

Those moments really drive home how Connor is a different type of lead character for the next Assassin’s Creed. He doesn’t come from a life of ease like Ezio and wasn’t born into the Assassin’s order like Altair. And the fact that his catalyst for becoming an Assassin is tied into the tragic history of Native American in the United States will likely make his story more poignant.

And, in what may be another significant shift, it really looks like Connor slashes the throat of an American revolutionary soldier in the sequence from 0:46 to 0:48 in the trailer. It’s quick, but the coat on the victim looks blue and not red. See for yourself.


  • “it really looks like Connor slashes the throat of an American revolutionary soldier”

    While not inherently a good thing (“Yay, he’s murdering people!”), I’m glad the storytelling doesn’t feel the need to pander to American mythologising. Previous games have at the very least establish ed some of the Founding Fathers as shady, and it would do a disservice to its own backstory and sanitise everything out of fear of a backlash.

  • Founding fathers deserve to be near untouchable for their intellectual output, but they are indeed the product of the Empire so hopefully the researchers have noted how both the British and the Americans really just had a difference of opinion rather than a ‘templar-assassin’ sort of relationship which was pretty damn bipolar. (The only classic villainous character of both sides is King George the Third, who is very much like a sith lord in responding ‘crush the rebel scum’ to parliament who were more iffy about it)

    Connor himself could be quite interesting if written well, bastard sons of mixed heritage are almost the perfect backgrounds for three dimensional characters although with Assassin creed it’s never really sold ambiguity in characters that well. Hopefully he serves his own purposes and doesn’t just ‘STAND UP FOR AMERICAHHH’ which the article sort of hints hasn’t, could possibly be a hint of fantastic writing i say!

  • It’s clearly seen, that Ubisofts’ Assassins Creed/Prince of Persia teams, really love their craft. Can’t wait to experience the next level of Assassins Creed. And hopefully they oneday make an sequel to their open-world Prince of Persia reboot they did from an few years ago. (not that Forgotten Sands movie-tie-in crap)…

  • I’m always kind of confused when people say that Connor’s origin story is different. Each story so far has been about the main character’s family/guild being raided and killed, them finding a mentor for becoming an Assassin (First one was a bit different as you were already an Assassin but you still had to effectively start from scratch under guidance from the guild master) and then go through a hit list in vengeance. Even Brotherhood, with its established story started out with the same formula of “Guy’s home gets raided and people are killed then he goes on a quest for vengeance.”

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