At Least One Person Is Already Waiting In Line For The Wii U

Isaiah-Triforce Johnson, who is actually named Isaiah-Triforce Johnson (I've seen his passport!), has made a name for himself as the first person to buy just about every piece of Nintendo hardware in recent history. He was the first to buy the Wii and the first to buy the 3DS. Now he wants to be first to buy the Wii U.

Johnson tweeted today that he's already camping out at the Nintendo World Store in midtown Manhattan in anticipation for the Wii U's launch on November 18. Almost a month in advance.

I would think that he'd be fine hopping on line like a week in advance, but hey. Better safe than sorry.


    I think this is one of those times where it's better to be sorry than safe.

    Get a life. I love Nintendo, but this is faaaaaaaar to far.

      Why, its his life, Doesn't affect your gametime or life what he does.

      I don't think he is doing it because he wants to play his Nintendo 8 hours earlier than us, I'm pretty sure he is doing it because he likes the experience of being first in the world to get something he loves.

      Also I imagine this is something he does once a year or less and he would have sponsors supporting him to do it.

    It isn't like he is just some random guy to line up - he has sponsors covering all his expense.

    All he has to do is sit down and draw in attention. Mission Accomplished.

    People, Stop hating. I found this really funny. Wouldn't You want to say to your mates "I was the first to buy the Wii, 3DS and the Wii U"?


      I can... Should I feel like a massive douche? I wont be first in line for a Wii U however...

    How are people supposed to feel superior and good about themselves in their dull, boring, autonomous lives without putting others down for doing what they enjoy?

      our lives are somehow dull, boring and autonomous while this guy sitting in one spot for a month is somehow living the dream?

        If someone gets enjoyment from sitting in the street for a month then people should let them do what they love. I think being a programmer would be the worst form of hell but I don't go around telling them they should get a life because they enjoy different things than I do.

        We should encourage a variety of different hobbies otherwise life would be boring.

    Wasting a month of your life so you can have a product minutes before others ... say what you want about this guy's sad life, it's downright lousy time management

    Kotaku should elaborate. This guy runs Empire Arcadia and continues to raise Triforces profile. Dude makes a lot of money.

    Haters gonna hate. Guy makes bucketloads of cash from sponsors. loses a month. games for years without working. whos mad now

    he's obviously an apple lover and is use to it.. but a few days before the release I wold love someone to wait until he ducks around the corner for food then steal his spot!!

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