Australia, You Can Play A Zombie Shooter In Real Life. It Looks Insane

An Australian group called IRL Shooter will at the end of the month be holding an event called "Patient Zero", which is basically aimed at giving you the experience of playing a zombie shooter, only in real life.

Starting October 31 in Melbourne, for $125 you'll get access to the "game", which sounds a lot like the blood-soaked offspring of theatre and a shooting gallery. From the outset the whole thing is neck-deep in role-playing, with customers given a military-style briefing before being let loose in an installation crawling with zombies — ie. actors in full make-up — who are out to eat your face off.

There are video game-like objectives to complete, like rescuing civilians and retrieving data, while players will be encouraged — but not forced — to act like a team.

Originally planning to use Airsoft guns for a truly authentic experience, the organisers have had to switch to laser tech, the weapons looking like fairly badass replicas of M4 carbines.

A single "game" lasts around 90 minutes. While it's got the potential to be campy as hell, with the right people it could also be the best thing ever.

Patient Zero [IRL Shooter]


    My cousin has been banging on about this for months.
    I'd rather not. People who are startled can end up injuring others.

    This would be the most awesome 90 minutes ever.

    Got the squad Booked in & ready. Playing multiplayer left for dead as team training. Hiring there head cams for YouTube gameplay videos. Can't wait

      Yep, we've had our group of 6 booked for about a month now :)
      Melee is not allowed :( lol

      No personal cameras, phones, recording devices or weapons of any kind will be allowed into the playing arena.

    Got a friend going to it though his friends that are going as well aren't taking it seriously and he's afraid that they might do something stupid and get kicked out or lose straight away

    Last edited 20/10/12 11:55 am

    I know I'd be gun butting motherfuckers left right and centre just out of reflex. I hope they've got a dental plan and a good risk management strat.

    For 500+ to get a team going, it's probably better to let other people try it first...I just can't shake the feeling that you'll feel this is awesome when you line up but end up being lame when you're in.

    I'm going to this with a few mates in early Nov. I didn't know much about it when we all bought the tickets but it looks fun.

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