Australian-Made Post-Apocalyptic Panda Finds His Way Into Borderlands 2

Wastelander Panda. Already your mind is trying to process the "What the hell?" factor. My advice? Don't fight it. Let it wash over you like an arse-kicking, black-and-white, anthropomorphic mammal. In more useful words, it's a series being put together by Adelaide-based Epic Films, with three episodes due early 2013. So taken by the main character (called Arcayus) was Gearbox, that the developer added him to the game.

The story of how this inclusion came about can be found on the Wastelander Panda blog (with his in-game appearance featured to the right):

This week also saw the release of Borderlands 2. We were all looking forward to playing, but were also excited for a very different reason: Arcayus was going to be in the game! Director Victoria is a huge Borderlands fan and wrote to Gearbox to ask whether we could include an element from the game in an upcoming episode (keep your eyes peeled!). When they saw the prologue [the video above] and asked if they could include a stencil of Arcayus in the new game, we were beyond thrilled.

Just. Damn. Awesome. More of this sort of thing please!

Wastelander Panda [Official site]

Image: Wastelander Panda


    Oh, wow! That's cool. I didn't know it was a reference to any thing, but liked it so much when I stumbled across it that I took a screenshot and put it on Steam! :D

    Okay... I will probably watch this.

    Ah, my beloved Australia, where you can just walk outside and film a post apocalyptic scene without having to make a set haha.

    No WONDER that thing looked familiar! I'd forgotten all about Wastelander Panda, awesome stuff

    my boyfriend did some of the vfx for Wastelander Panda!!! we are huge Borderlands fans and he only told me of this inclusion tonight at the launch of Wastelander Panda!! im now desperately trying to find the stencil of arcayus!

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