Backhanded Box Quotes: We Found Someone Who Doesn’t Like Dishonored!

Backhanded Box Quotes: We Found Someone Who Doesn’t Like Dishonored!

Welcome back to “Backhanded Box Quotes”, a collection of measured, thoughtful criticism from the user reviews of Metacritic and elsewhere.

The Metacritic 90. Rare upland territory. Dishonored hit it (on PC) and XCOM: Enemy Unknown fell tantalisingly short, 89 (same platform). You’d think that no one has anything subtstantially bad to say about either. You’d be wrong.


Released: October 9

Critic: ebeneezergoode (Metacritic)
“Honest final opinion? I’d rather go read a book! “
Score: 3.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Released: October 9

Critic: joeblade (Metacritic)
“As a PC game I rate this rather low. As a PS3 game I would consider it a 7.”
Score: 4.

Critic:majorwitty (Metacritic)
“This game will be OK when it’s $US5 in six months on a Steam sale..”
Score: 0.

Critic: tdctaz (Metacritic)
“Don’t buy this game unless you are from the new generation of console players which don’t want to make any real tactical decisions. “
Score: 3.

Fable: The Journey

Released: October 9

Critic: SoiSoiSoiSoi (Metacritic)
“Kinect is a bad, overpriced tech demo and this game is just another example(as if Star Wars Kinect and Steel Battalion weren’t enough) as to why Kinect doesn’t work and how motion control based games aren’t good with the current tech.”
Score: 2.

You know, the guy has a point.


        • If you have played both the original xcom and the remake you would know what he’s on about. In the new game, everything is simplified and heaps of control is taken away from the player.
          SO for instance.. you can’t chart your interceptors course anymore. You just have a choice to make – attack ufo or dont attack ufo. The game will do the rest for you.

          When engaging in ground battles, it doesnt seem like you have any way to free target except with your rocket launcher and grenades. Your fire button only becomes active if there is an alien in LOS, and you can only shoot the alien. So no deliberately shooting out walls, targetting explosive objects next to the aliens, or shooting that civilian before the chryssalid gets to them.

          And yeah he’s being a prick towards console players- but he has a point buried in there, in that the lack of control is partially about making a game thats easy to handle with a control pad rather than M + K.

          To be fair there is some streamlining in the new game that i like. You dont have to micromanage your ammo supplies at base. Thats about it.

  • I tried the Demo of X-Com on X-Box 360, the first mission is automatically played with you just doing what your told and not allowed to change from the pre-planned pattern.

    The Second stage has little in the way of choices, I’m hoping it’s meatier when you start playing properly.

    The Original game gave me a choice of how many soliders I could send, to what equipment each was given, how many Grenades, clips, etc. The only limit was the capacity of the transport. From the brief glimpse of the game I had it felt very limited. But that is the style of the time.

    • The missions in the demo are taken from the tutorial. The full game lets you choose which soldiers to send, what equipment to give each one, etc.

  • I got Dishonoured and think it got overhyped for me. I was hoping for alot of freedom in different ways/routes like it really was an open world but found it isn’t quite like that. Unreal engine is still unreal. I know I’m going to get some flak for sayin this but maybe some people should be aware. Thanks to EBs, i will be returning it for Xcom today.

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