Battle Sudoku Against Friends Does Not Require A Clever Headline

You know Sudoku, the grid-based number game that everyone went crazy over a few years ago? This is Sudoku with power-ups, a three-move-per-turn limit, explosive mines and poker-style suites. When you've got all that, plus turn-based multiplayer, you do not require eye-catching wordplay.

6Waves's latest free-to-play iOS game is now available for your number-revealing pleasure, though don't expect a relaxing afternoon of logic and deduction. Battle Sudoku Against Friends gives players 60 seconds to make three moves before passing the turn over to the friend they are playing against. After five rounds the player with the most points wins bragging rights.

"Remember that time I schooled your arse in Battle Sudoku?" I feel tougher already, and I've not even downloaded the game from iTunes yet.


    From time to time but not too often, I feel a bitter regret o having an Android phone instead an iPhone. This is one of those times.

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