Battlefield 3's Best "Moments", Captured On Film

Battlefield 3, unlike pretty much any other big multiplayer shooter on the market, is all about the moments when the scale of its maps and the variety of its killling machines come together to make something crazy happen. Or brutal. Or hilarious. Or all three at once.

This machinima video, titled "Moments", is all about celebrating that. Those times you stumble upon a stats-padding killing field, or see a fighter do something it probably shouldn't be able to do. The random things that Battlefield 3 does best, captured in a film that, admittedly, is about as far from random as you can get (but does a great job capturing the spirit of such events, and turning them into a very pretty video).

Moments - Battlefield 3 Machinima [YouTube]


    Great jihad jeeps and jet-rammers, just what BF3 needs more of.Please don't try this at home kids.

    I wanted to see some actual amazing gameplay moments. disappoint.

    Do you really have to use this epic video as an excuse to air your sandy vagina over people using a legitimate strategy in the game? Drawing a bit of a long bow methinks.

    As if you wouldn't have just driven the jeep through that gap and run them all down at 1:10. That would have been a way better "Moment".

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