Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine, And Decode This Assassin's Creed Image

As Assassin's Creed's is basically predicated on brainwashing and an enormous conspiracy theory, it's the perfect subject for the kind of viral clue-hunting alternate-reality game that surfaced on the game's official site this past week.

On Friday, the game — "Hacked History" — reached 100 per cent completion. That is, everyone spotted all the anomalies presented in three historic paintings. That produced this image (above), of the original protagonist Desmond Miles in the rafters at an arena, taking in some MMA action. There's a QR code on the scoreboard, and some numbers lurking in the background.

The full puzzle has now been deciphered, which you may see for yourself here, but the payoff — this video — is available only to those in the U.K. as it is playable in that region only. A NeoGAF user says the video "might be the opening sequence. So best wait to watch it in game. It is literally a "Previously On Assassin's Creed" type video."

American viewers, you can get the same experience by watching this video.

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